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Let’s make 2015 a SAMMYRIFFIC YEAR for kids, their dreams, and esteem!


FEATURING: Sammy Rabbit’s Dream Big Set Goals Song Collection Two family friendly learning programs that teach kids 4 and up great money, goal setting, and reading habits! Music videos, singing, reading, discussions, activities, games, vocabulary, and more… Early-age financial literacy and education at its best!

The Dream Big – Set Goals Resource Center has four sections. Explore them all. Open the door to your big dreams!

Sammy’s 12 Steps To Make Big Dreams Come True!

“Dream big and do big, one step at a time!” -Sammy

Every one of Sammy’s 12 steps to make your big dreams come true has its own song. Every step and song has two programs you can use independently or together: (1) An Activity Book Program (2) A Journal Program. CLICK on a Step above and see what you will learn. AND, that’s now all! If you want to discover more about making big dreams come true, great money and goal setting habits, check out Sammy’s Bonus Resources. Click here to see Sammy’s Big Dream Cards in fullscreen!